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【Name】:The bookshelf


【Bearing】:60-80kg/ layer

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Grey white

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:Put the book or information.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


    Usually divided into single-sided, double-sided shelves shelf shelf。 According to the bookshelf frame can be unlimited connections. The school library shelves are generally divided into 6 layers, of course, can also according to the 4 layer /5 layer, the specifications of each framework is the routine 900-1000 width, single shelf depth of 250-350, height of about 2000mm.

The structure and function of the bookshelf:


The chassis is generally 1 section combined type, with docking and interchangeability。

The 2 section type, high frame, frame width, number and group number can be selected according to customer needs。

3: powder electrostatic powder spray, environmental non-toxic, no odor.

4 shelves for frame structure is composed of base, column, shelves, hanging plate, top plate, side plate, Bookends etc..

5 a shelf and a buckle hook of the support plate, combination of smooth solid, layer and layerspacing can be adjusted freely according to needs。 Each layer of shelf uniform load, single 40kg,double 80kg, such as the need to increase the weight, can be specially designed.

The 6 part of the high standard of welding welding welding, with smooth surface.

7 according to the new provisions of the State Archives Bureau of standard A4 paper, in order to make the original GB standard A4 paper size in line with international standards, to increase theheight of the technical parameters according to the National Archives standards.

Maintenance instructions:

1, spray the surface is strictly prohibited to use gasoline, alcohol, perfume and other highly looseclean, otherwise it will lead to spray the surface loses luster and fade.

2, wet cleaning cloth, wipe dry and clean water, not easy to clean part can be the first to use toothpaste saliva after cleaning.

3, display space ventilation and light, easy to dry.

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