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【Name】:Fluency rack

【Specifications】:L1800*D1500*H2200mm (customized)

【Bearing】:300kg/ layer

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Blue / orange / white

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:The flow of goods, storage.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


      Fluent rack is also called sliding shelves, using aluminum alloy roller, sheet metal fluent, by weightgoods rack, inventory from the side of the channel, the other side pick up channel, FIFO,convenient storage, and a multiple goods replenishment。 Fluent frame high storage efficiency,suitable for short-term storage of large quantities of goods and sorting. Can be equipped withelectronic label, easy management of goods, commonly used containers with sliding parts turnover box, box and carton etc..

Fluent rack structure:

       Fluent shelf fluent is directly connected to the beam before and after and intermediate support beam, beam directly hung on the column, fluent installation inclination depends on the containersize, weight and fluent frame depth, usually from 5% to 9%. The bearing capacity of fluent roller for 6kg/ only, when heavy goods, can be in a raceway installation 3-4 root fluent. Usually in the depth direction of every 0.6m is provided with a support beam to increase the stiffness of the fluent. When the race is long, the available separation plate rolling off. Pick up the goods need to install the endof brake deceleration, reduce the impact.

The scope of application:

       Fluent rack is widely used in manufacturing, trade, distribution center, assembly workshop andwarehouse of high frequency.

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