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【Name】:Computer cabinet



【Texture of material】:Cold rolled steel

【Color】:Blue / grey


【Use】:Workshop on computer.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


The characteristics of computer cabinet:


1, all using high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, through a special process to strengthen the shear and bending, strong and durable.

2, in the industrial environment, the effective protection of the host monitor from dust and high temperature damage.

3, large capacity, convenient storage, computer files and other equipment, the main cabinet and electric cabinet are designed independently, customers can according to the actual needs of flexible object placement.

4, computer cabinet is provided with a ventilation window, each window is equipped with a coolingdust cotton, to prevent dust from entering the cabinet inside the cabinet, to ensure clean。

5, keyboard drawer plate, pull type mouse tray, convenient and practical.

6, high-grade lightning lock, Pei Yaoshi, to prevent others from theft of computer data, beautiful and durable, high quality.

Computer cabinet table:


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