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【Name】:Ladder truck

【Specifications】:L1500*D600*H1500mm (customized)


【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Blue / orange / white

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:Stand on it.

【Surface Treatment】:Spray


       Take a car is a climbing equipment used in storage and logistics, similar to the role of climbing the escalator。 Can realize the access of goods operation behavior in the car platform to facilitate personnel station。

The characteristics of climbing car:


1, take a car, mobile and convenient, stable structure and safe use, can greatly improve the work efficiency and expand the operation space, is a necessary equipment for factories, warehouses,shopping malls, supermarkets and other places of climbing.

2, take a car with the use of high-quality steel manufacturing high-quality casters can be flexibly moved. 2 PU 2 PU with directional wheel, brake wheels, stable and reliable.

3, when the shelf height more than the height of the human body, to take up the goods is not convenient to take a car, can help you solve the problem easily, to provide you with what you needhighly;

4, spray the surface anticorrosion treatment。

The scope of application:

       Widely used in shopping malls, supermarkets, libraries, families, enterprises and institutions,warehouse warehouse of automobile spare parts, pharmaceutical, electronics and clothing enterprises, which is an ideal choice for logistics management, is the traditional wooden shelves,steel pipe welding ideal upgrade product.





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