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【Name】:Beam type rack


【Bearing】:1000-3000kg/ layer

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Blue / orange

【Packing】:Bubble bag

【Use】:The flow of goods, storage.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


       Heavy shelves, also called rack beams or rack, which belongs to the class of pallet racks, storage shelves systemin a variety of domestic the most common form a shelf。 The whole assembly structure of beam column piece + formstructure, concise and effective. According to the characteristics of container storage unit equipment installationsuch as: baffle, steel plate (wooden plate), metal mesh layer, storage cage guide, frame drums and other functional accessories. To meet the different forms of the goods storage unit container equipment.

The characteristics of the shelf:

1, the whole assembly type structure, random combination, convenient installation and disassembly, flexible。

2, the column by cold rolled plate folding angles and therefore, shelf loading capacity.

3, the column assembly type structure, steel buckle plug connection with beam and column, and set the securitykey lock, to prevent the loss.

4, each column is provided with 75mm adjust the pitch, can be adjusted according to the height of any goods.

5, suitable for storage of high pile material, can make full use of the space position of warehouse to material classification management, with a forklift or stacker use.

Common material specifications:


The 1 column: 80*50*1.5mm, 90*65*1.5/1.8/2.0mm,, 100*70*2.0/2.3/2.5mm, 120*70*2.0/2.3/2.5mm,140*70*2.3/2.5/3.0mm

2, 80*45*1.5mm, 90*45*1.5mm, beam: 100*45*1.5mm, 110*45*1.5mm, 120*45*1.5mm, 140*45*1.5mm,160*45*1.5mm

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