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【Name】:Medium sized laminate shelves


【Bearing】:300-500kg/ layer

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Grey / Blue / orange

【Packing】:Bubble bag

【Use】:Enterprises or institutions such as warehouse.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint



Shelves, storage shelves are a kind of, is to distinguish and named according to the bearing capacity of the shelf.In accordance with the principles of this division, between the shelves between light shelves and heavy shelves,shelves named. Usually shelves bearing the 200kg-600kg/ layer.

Shelf structure:

1, shelf column is made of a cold-rolled steel plate by special roll forming roll forming machine, punch double front column hole, hole distance to 50mm along a straight line, column holes used to mount the beam with two columns;relatively, the middle horizontal and inclined pipe connecting pipe connecting the two columns of column pieces assembled into a shelf.

2, shelf beams using "P" type pipe, commonly known as "ladder beam", step height and the height of laminatematching.

3, shelf steel plate by cold-rolled steel plate according to the required size of four bending forming. Shelf steel laminates and laminates with boards to choose from.

After 4, the shelf parts processing molding after polishing, pickling, phosphating, automatic electrostatic powder spraying, drying and other process finished assembly.

5, the whole assembly type structure, free combination, convenient installation and disassembly, flexible.

6, the column assembly type structure, steel buckle plug connection with beam and column, and set the securitykey lock, to prevent the loss。

7, according to the level of goods on the shelves in the pitch adjusted 50mm。

8, common specifications: L2000*D600*H2000mm (PU steel plate), L2450*D1220*H2000mm (board), specifications can be customized according to customer requirements.

Application of case (shelves can be board, but the board below needs support beam):


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