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【Name】:Attic shelves

【Specifications】:According to demands

【Bearing】:The 300-500kg/ layer

【Texture of material】:Q235 cold rolling mill

【Color】:Blue / orange / grey

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:Put the goods.

【Surface Treatment】:Paint


Attic shelves, usually with medium-sized shelf or heavy duty shelf as the main supporting and upstairs panel(according to the total load weight shelf unit to determine the shelf), floor panels usually cold-rolled steel floor,pattern steel floor slab or steel grid floor. In recent years the use of cold rolling steel slabs, it has strong bearing capacity, good integrity, bearing good uniformity, high precision, smooth surface, easy to lock the advantage,there are a variety of optional, and easy to match the lighting system, access, management more convenient. Shelf unit with each layer containing weight usually within 500kg, floor spacing is usually 2.2m~2.7m, top shelf height is generally about 2m, fully consider the convenience of staff operations.

The scope of application:

Suitable for higher warehouse, small goods, manual access, large storage volume of the case.

Application of case:

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