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【Name】:Storage cage



【Texture of material】:Q235 water pumping wire

【Color】:Silvery white

【Packing】:No packaging

【Use】:Storage, turnover for goods.

【Surface Treatment】:Electroplate


Storage cage also called storage cage, butterfly cage, is a kind of container logistics is very important in the storage and transportation advantages, with storage capacity fixed, piling up clean, store stick out a mile, ease of inventory, but also improve the effective utilization of warehouse space. In addition, the product is strong and durable, convenient transportation, repeated use, can effectively reduce the human consumption and the cost of packaging warehousing enterprise. This product can be used for factory production workshop, and can be used as a supermarket display sales and warehousing. Improved storage cage can be placed on the shelf, line, or stacking: storage cage with wheels in the shop convenient turnover, storage cage with PVC plate or an iron plate prevents small.

The main features:

The 1 is made of high quality steel cold-rolled hardened welded, high strength, large load capacity.

2 unified specifications, fixed capacity, storage of goods at a glance, easy to inventory。

3 galvanized surfaces, beautiful and oxidation resistance, long service life.

4 the adoption of international standards, and supporting the use of containers, effectively improving the space utilization rate。

5 can be stacked four high, the realization of three-dimensional storage。

6 surface treatment, health immunization, turnover, storage recovery does not pollute the environment.

7 with forklifts, cattle, lifts, cranes and other equipment for efficient operation.

8 folding structure, cost recovery is low, wooden packing box of replacement products.

9 can be installed at the bottom of the wheel, the factory internal turnover is extremely convenient.

10 common specifications: L800*D600*H640mmThe application of industry:
Storage cage can be widely used in various industries: die casting parts, forging parts, auto parts, motorcycle parts, metal stamping parts, engineering machinery parts, metal products, pipe fittings, gear, building sanitary ware parts, lighting, furniture, toys, postal logistics, pharmaceutical logistics, supermarkets, catering, food, agricultural and sideline products etc..



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