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The characteristics and the matters needing attention in purchasing the mold frame


The mold frame, the main storage of a variety of mold materials, generally can be divided into standard mould frame and a heavy mold frame.
Characteristics of the mould frame:
Pumping plate 1, mold frame design for security reasons, the positioning pin and a limit pin, to ensure the safety of pumping plate out of the.
2, drawer type mold rack each cell of each bearing 800-2000KG.
3, design for assembly type structure, mainly from the post, slide, drawing plate, fixing frame, the back, etc. the positioning pin, screw connection, stable structure, safe and reliable, general use in row.
4, the mold frame a combination of bearings, sliding balance, easily pumping plate bearing pumping, upper and lower interval adjusted, collaborative mold lifting device to complete the work easy access.
5, the mold frame covers an area of small, large load, has the advantages of simple structure, high safety, save space, each cell can hold multiple sets of molds, convenient maintenance management and search.
It must pay attention to the matters of the mold frame:
1, in the purchase of the mold frame do not look at the price, to take a look at the quality, quality is the priority among priorities. Because the mold frame which items are relatively heavy, so for the sake of safety, the price gap is too large, but also need to choose carefully.
2, if you need to buy the mold frame is not standard, still need to find the mold frame manufacturers professional customized, so safe and secure.
3, in the daily life to follow the safety manual, not secretly according to individual wishes to operate, in actual operation, there are users convenience, gourd cable-stayed mould, thus changing the mold frame stress, easy to mold frame to overturn; there is also a situation it is time for year-end inventory or die, will pull out all non homing, it is easy to collapse phenomenon.

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