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Heavy duty rack design basis and the matters needing attention


Heavy shelves, also known as the beam type shelves or rack, belonging to the pallet rack, in a variety of storage shelves system in China is the most common form a shelf. The whole assembly structure beam column + form,structure simple and effective.

Design considerations:

1, to know the goods pallet dimensions, then according to the pallet size to determine the length and depth of the shelf.

2, to know the height and warehouse goods after the height of the tray, so as to determine the height and the number of layers of the shelf.

3, to know that the weight of the goods, then the appropriate material is selected according to the bearing。

4, according to the forklift parameters to consider the other factors, ultimately determine the shelf specifications and bearing.

Rack use matters needing attention:

东莞市和明仓储设备有限公司 1 heavy goods to prevent top-heavy, should be placed on light top, bottom heavy principle.

2 to prevent overloading, each layer stacking weight shall not exceed the maximum load of shelf.

东莞市和明仓储设备有限公司 3 anti impact, forklift truck in the operation process, should be handled with care, to prevent the impact on theshelf。

The goods shelf has 4 above, do not operate the personnel directly into the bottom shelf.

5 to prevent the standard pallet, pallet and so on the shelf.

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