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The shelves of the maintenance and daily maintenance


Effect of shelf life in that we can feel from the daily application of it, it is widely used and popularized, it is very important to its maintenance in daily use, how to maintain it, do the following several points:
1, do a good job of cleaning work to keep the shelves, shelves clean, at the same time for items on the shelves, but also to ensure that it is clean, clean.
2, the shelf items should be placed neatly on the shelves of goods should be carefully arranged, classified.
3, the shelf is in use, in particular the shelf not weight bearing overload, it may lead to the shelf collapse, damage can also cause items.
4, forklift truck should be handled with care in the access of goods, to prevent the forklift during operation on shelf impact.
Mainly need to pay attention to the cleaning and maintenance of the shelves in these aspects, do these aspects of the work, will be the perfect show shelf.

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