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The function and the design basis of the warehouse shelves


Equipment in the warehouse, the shelf is devoted to the storage into custody equipment items. Shelf occupies a very important position in the logistics and warehouse, with the rapid development of modern industry, logistics volume increased substantially, for the realization of warehouse management, improve the warehouse function, not only requires the shelf number, but also has the advantages of multiple functions, and can realize the mechanization, automation requirements.

The role and function of warehouse shelves are shown as follows:
1, the warehouse shelf is a frame structure, can make full use of warehouse space, improve storage utilization rate, enlarge storage capacity.
2, in the goods in the shelf, without mutual extrusion, material loss is small, can ensure the function of the supplies, reduce the loss of goods.
3, the warehouse the goods in the shelf, convenient storage, portability and measurement, can achieve fifo.
4, to ensure the quality of goods storage, dampproof, dustproof, can take anti-theft, anti sabotage measures, in order to improve the quality of goods storage.
The structure and function of 5, a lot of new shelves is conducive to the realization of mechanization and automation of the management of warehouse.
Based on the general planning and design of the warehouse shelves:
Structural types and operation modes of the 1, warehouse.
2, determine the overall layout, warehouse and warehouse area partition size.
3, understand the goods management mode, you can use the ABC classification management analysis.
4, determine the form, size, weight of cargo units.
5, determine the types and parameters of mechanical handling equipment.

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